IP видеокамеры модульные

1,0Mp модульная IP видеокамера IPG50H10PE-S

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  • 1,0Mp модульная IP видеокамера IPG50H10PE-S
  • 1,0Mp модульная IP видеокамера IPG50H10PE-S


Specifications IPG-50H10PE-S
System Structure Embedded RTOS design, dual-core 32-bit DSP (Hi3518E), pure hardware compression, watchdog;
Sensor 1/4 "OV 9712 CMOS sensor;
Illumination Color 0.1Lux @ F1.2, black and white 0.01 Lux@F1.2;
Video compression H.264, support dual-stream, AVI format; support stream 0.1M ~ 6Mpbs adjustable; support frame rate from 1 to 25 frames / sec adjustable;
Image output main stream:1280*720, 704*576; sub-stream:704*576,352*288;
Network connection 1 RJ45, 10/100M Ethernet adaptive interface; support RTSP / FTP / PPPOE / DHCP / DDNS / NTP / UPnP network protocols;
Other interface 1 external single, 1 IR-CUT, support photo resistor input signal and image, IR-CUT, infrared light linkage;
Lightning Protection Power, network, POE comprehensive lightning protection, in line with national standards GB/T17626.5, the international standard IEC61000-4-5.
features Support WEB configure, support for OSD, support real-time video transmission, support mobile surveillance, support for mobile detection alarm center after the screen pop-up reminders and linkage; supports JPEG capture; support unified client remote monitoring software, MYEYE platform system applications; provide perfect the SDK development package; 
ONVIF support
Mobile monitoring Support mobile monitoring(iPhone,Windows Mobile,BlackBerry,Symbian,Android)
Power DC 12V
dimension 38mm*38mm
directions Support POE power supply (optional),-S is neutral generic version, does not accept any custom

В комплекте: IR cut (ИК фильтр "День-Ночь"),  патчкорд PoE 12В. герметичный наконечник патчкорда,

Passive PoE DC 12v 0,375 А 
Входная розетка Выходная вилка Pin RG45 схема В
1 Tx+ Tx+ 1 бело- оранжевый
2 Tx- Tx- 2 оранжевый
3 Rx+ Rx+ 3 бело- зеленый
4 V +12V  - 4 синий
5 V +12V  - 5 бело- синий
6 Rx- Rx- 6 зеленый
7 V -12V  - 7 бело- коричневый
8 V-12V  - 8 коричневый

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